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Short CV

Academic background:
2008-2009: Master in Environmental Management. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
2003-2004: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).
2000-2003: Ms. Sc. in Physical Chemistry, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).
1995-2000: B.Sc. in Chemistry, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

Work experience:

2018-present: Research Fellow at Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano (CSIC).
2013-2018: Postdoctal Researcher at Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano (CSIC).
2009-2012: Postdoctoral Researcher at Laboratory for Atmospheric and Climate Science (JCCM/CSIC).
2005-2009: Environmental, Quality and OHS Technician at private companies (COMSA and DOVAL BUILDING).
2005: Contracted Researcher at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.
2000-2004: Pre-doctoral Fellowship holder at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Selected publications:

Carlos A. Cuevas, Rafael P. Fernandez, Douglas E. Kinnison, Qinyi Li, Jean-François Lamarque, Tarek Trabelsi, Joseph S. Francisco, Susan Solomon, and Alfonso Saiz-Lopez. The influence of iodine on the Antarctic stratospehric ozone hole. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, Vol. 119 No. 7 e2110864119, 2022.

Carlos A. Cuevas, Niccolò Maffezzoli, Juan Pablo Corella, Andrea Spolaor, Paul Vallelonga, Helle A. Kjær, Marius Simonsen, Mai Winstrup, Bo Vinther, Christopher Horvat, Rafael P. Fernandez, Douglas Kinnison, Jean-François Lamarque, Carlo Barbante & Alfonso Saiz-Lopez. Rapid increase in atmospheric iodine levels in the North Atlantic since the mid-20th century. Nature Communicationsvolume 9, Article number: 1452 (2018).

C.A. Cuevas, A. Notario, J.A. Adame, A. Hilboll, A. Richter, J.P. Burrows and A. Saiz-Lopez. Evolution of NO2 levels in Spain from 1996 to 2012. Scientific Reports volume4, Article number: 5887 (2014).

• Carlos A. Cuevas, Alberto Notario, Ernesto Martínez and José Albaladejo. Rate coefficients in function of temperature for the gas-phase reaction of Cl atoms with selected aldehydes. Atmospheric Environment 40, 3845-3854, 2006.

• Carlos A. Cuevas, Alberto Notario, Ernesto Martínez and José Albaladejo. Influence of Temperature in the Kinetics of the Gas-Phase Reactions of a series of Acetates with Cl Atoms. Atmospheric Environment 39, 5091-5099, 2005.

• Carlos A. Cuevas, Alberto Notario, E. Martínez and José Albaladejo. A Kinetic Study of the reaction of Cl with a series of linear and ramified ketones as a function of temperature. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6, 2230-2236, 2004

• J. Albaladejo, A. Notario, C.A. Cuevas, B. Ballesteros and E. Martínez. A pulsed laser photolysis-resonance fluorescence kinetic study of the atmospheric reactivity of propene and a series of 3-halopropenes with Cl atoms at room temperature. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 45, 35-50, 2003.

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